Distributors of Backgammon Supplies & Equipment

You may be a backgammon player who wants to own your own backgammon set. Or perhaps, you already have a backgammon table but still have to buy other supplies to come up with a complete backgammon set. Unfortunately, you do not know that much when it comes to choosing the best backgammon supplies. Or for those who do not have a backgammon table yet, you may be one of those who do not know a lot when it comes to selecting the best table. Perhaps, one of the solutions to this problem is to know more about the backgammon distributors. Knowing their profiles is significant because it can have an impact on your decision to purchase backgammon products. In this regard, allow us to offer information on several backgammon distributors.

Ningbo Ontime Imp. & Exp. Co., Ltd. is not only a backgammon distributor but it is also a backgammon wholesaler, trading company, and manufacturer. This backgammon distributor is capable of supplying various kinds of backgammon sets. As a matter of fact, Ningbo Ontime is not only a backgammon distributor, but it also offers other products such as houseware, hardware, other wooden games, and poker chips. The main markets of this backgammon distributor are Western Europe, Oceania, Eastern Europe, and North America.

SKL International Co., Ltd. is considered as a backgammon distributor as it sells magnetic travel game sets of various kinds, including backgammon game sets. Just like Ningbo Ontime, SKL International is also a wholesaler, trading company, and manufacturer. Moreover, this company is also a buying office. Among its main markets are North America, South America, Eastern Europe, Southeast Asia, Africa, Oceania, the Middle East, Eastern Asia, and Western Europe.

Another backgammon distributor is Henwei Industrial Co. Ltd. It distributes and manufacturers backgammon sets that are made of plastic. Actually, the products of Henwei are all made of quality plastic and it has its own molding center where its products are manufactured. Aside from being a backgammon distributor and manufacture, Henwei also offers such products as golf accessories, chess sets, and other casino accessories. Henwei is also an exporter that has total annual sales that range from US$1 million to US$1,999,999.

These are only three of the backgammon distributors existing in the backgammon industry today. Knowing even the basic of information about them will definitely help usin our decision to buy backgammon supplies and equipment. Knowing which backgammon distributors offer quality supplies and equipment will definitely help us get our money's worth.