Books Written By Backgammon Player Bill Robertie

Bill Robertie is a professional backgammon player who has won in several tournaments including the Monte Carlo World Championship Backgammon. Aside from being a well-known backgammon player, he is also a professional chess and poker player. Moreover, he has also turned into an author, writing several books related to whatelse but backgammon, chess, and poker. However, we would like to talk about the books he has written about backgammon.

One of the books he has written is titled "Backgammon for Serious Players: Tips from the World's Best Player." Intermediate players of backgammon were probably in the mind of Bill Robertie before he started writing this backgammon book. In this book, he mentions some of the secrets used by professional backgammon players to win a play. He discusses advanced strategies that are ideal for intermediate players. He has also included diagrams for the convenience of readers.

Those who have already read the book "501 Essential Backgammon Problems" believe that Bill Robertie also wrote this for intermediate players. A lot of people recommend this backgammon book because aside from the fact that the author was able to explain the game of backgammon extensively, the book is a good-buy for less than US$20. The general principles of backgammon are discussed in this book, which include doubling, counting pips, counting dice rolls, and counting dice combinations. "501 Essential Backgammon Problems" is expected to improve the skills of every backgammon player.

"Backgammon for Winners" is also a backgammon book written by Bill Robertie. It is said that this book is intended for beginners. It contains basic information on such game, including the set up of the board, the movement of the pieces, and the objective of the game. Bill Robertie also teaches readers several opening moves in this book. The book features sample games that mentions doubling guidelines and duplication strategies, among others. What makes this backgammon book even more ideal for beginners is the presence of a glossary that contains terminologies used in the game of backgammon.

"Modern Backgammon" is another book written by Bill Robertie. According to some book critics, this backgammon book is the best among all the backgammon books written by Bill Robertie. This book focuses on the development of the backgammon theory which was substantially changed in the 1990s. The chapters included in this book are titled Modern Theory, Efficiency, Connectivity, Non-Commitment, Robustness, More Problems, and Illustrative Match.

Another book written by Bill Robertie is titled "Advanced Backgammon." This backgammon book was published in 1984 and is considered as a classic book today. The author explains concepts of high-level backgammon in this book. Those who have already read this book comment that "Advanced Backgammon" is incomparable to other backgammon books ever published.

These are only some of the books written by professional backgammon player Bill Robertie. He has authored and co-authored a lot more books about backgammon with the intention of helping other players improve their skills.