Backgammon: Board and Checkers

To play backgammon, you will need game board, checkers, two dice and a doubling cube. The dice cap or dice shaker is optional. The 30-piece checkers are bought together with the backgammon game board. If you are new to backgammon, the looks of the board and the positioning of the checkers will be described in the upcoming paragraphs.

The backgammon game board comes in different sizes from pocketsize to large ones. The materials used for the board may also differ. Some are made of plastic while others are made of wood. It is easier to use the large wooden game board. As for the checkers, they have to be smooth and easy to hold.

You will know that it is a backgammon game board because of the raised center and the long triangles of alternate colors, usually light and dark. The board is divided into two by a raised center called the bar. The result of the division is termed as the inner board and the outer board. There is no strict rule to which division is the inner or the outer board. On the inner and outer boards are long triangles referred to as points. There are 24 long triangles or points on the backgammon game board. Each triangle is numbered.

Now you have a picture of the board in your mind, let us start with the how the checkers should be seen at the start of the game.

There are 30 checker pieces in backgammon. Half of them are in one color and the remaining half in another color, usually black and white. The arrangement of the checkers is between players are mirror image of each other.

First let us start with the player holding black checkers. Remember the points or long triangles are numbered. The player with black pieces places two checkers on the 24th triangle. Moving to the 13th triangle, player places another five checkers. Then three pieces are on the 8th triangle. The last five checkers are placed on the 6th triangle.

AS for the player with white checker, he or she will place two pieces on the 1st triangle. On the 12th triangle is placed five checker pieces. Another three white pieces are positioned on the 17th triangle. And the last five pieces on the 19th triangle.

With the checkers all set that way, the game can begin. The placing of the checkers is quite tricky. Since they are mirror image arrangement of each other, memorizing the placement of one color is already saying you can arrange the other color.

So when you go buying for a backgammon game board, you are not sure to miss it with its long triangles and raised center.